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Describing the Pleasure of Squishing Dandelions Between Your Fingers as Linkbait?

Several days ago I wrote a post about how Dandelions bring back memories of my childhood long past. The inspiration was contributing to my angst of knowing I had another birthday coming up and was not looking forward to it. Birthdays are something that I have not looked forward to as the years pass and this one was one that need to be pushed out of my mind. I wanted an escape from the everyday emotions of life that always seem to unravel right before our eyes.


This brought me to the inspiration of how could I create an emotional linkbait that would still motivate active users of social media to create a return of emotional investment by way of social recognition. Elsa Jean and Tiffany Brookes recently did that.

The experiment was a success in my opinion. It helped me to get to know several readers of the Collective-Thoughts blog much better than I would have if I were to have written a white paper about the intricacies of linkbait instead of showing the over all results. It also helped me, or should I say it pulled me out of one roll many have seen me in and placed me into an entire new position in their mind. By letting my guard down and describing a moment in my life I connected with a few more readers!

I am not going to discuss the over all numbers, the unique views, or how long each reader stayed. I will say I have been very surprised at the turnout and the results I have accumulated.

To sum things up for today. If you posted a review of my last post on Collective-Thoughts, check your StumbleUpon email in the coming days as I will follow up with the reviews of your sites very soon.

Thank you again for making my day that much more interesting. Now, get to and relax.


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