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Category: Digg

Alternative Energy Posts Are So Hot a PDF Gets Dugg

Alternative Energy is a Hot Topic, Are you doing what you can to take advantage of it?


About a week ago I submitted a PDF to Digg and what do you know, it made it past the Bury Brigade.

The PDF did not just get a few Diggs, to made it all the way to the home page! What does this tell you?

If you are a Green Company you must be using this source of traffic. Get on board while you can, don’t let this fall out of your hands, it is too easy to get your message across by utilizing Digg and other social news voting sites.

Just this week every channel I click on had some form of Eco-Green programming.

Take action now. Open an account and become active on with other eco-friendly communities if you need a push with your environmental message. Digg is the place to be.

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