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Category: Collective Thoughts

Describing the Pleasure of Squishing Dandelions Between Your Fingers as Linkbait?

Several days ago I wrote a post about how Dandelions bring back memories of my childhood long past. The inspiration was contributing to my angst of knowing I had another birthday coming up and was not looking forward to it. Birthdays are something that I have not looked forward to as the years pass and this one was one that need to be pushed out of my mind. I wanted an escape from the everyday emotions of life that always seem to unravel right before our eyes.


This brought me to the inspiration of how could I create an emotional linkbait that would still motivate active users of social media to create a return of emotional investment by way of social recognition. Elsa Jean and Tiffany Brookes recently did that.

The experiment was a success in my opinion. It helped me to get to know several readers of the Collective-Thoughts blog much better than I would have if I were to have written a white paper about the intricacies of linkbait instead of showing the over all results. It also helped me, or should I say it pulled me out of one roll many have seen me in and placed me into an entire new position in their mind. By letting my guard down and describing a moment in my life I connected with a few more readers!

I am not going to discuss the over all numbers, the unique views, or how long each reader stayed. I will say I have been very surprised at the turnout and the results I have accumulated.

To sum things up for today. If you posted a review of my last post on Collective-Thoughts, check your StumbleUpon email in the coming days as I will follow up with the reviews of your sites very soon.

Thank you again for making my day that much more interesting. Now, get to and relax.


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Has Tim Nash Let the Dogs Out on PDF’S and Search Engines?

Tim Nash has posted a great review on what he has found on PDF’s.


I have used PDF’s for some time to get my sites indexed across multiple search engines. Today Tim Nash has let the world know his results and they are very interesting if you are creating content sites and wish to get your content indexed.

How long before we have a new company selling reviews in their PDF directory?

So let’s not waste anymore of your time, click on over to his blog and see his results on PDF’s.

Oh and while you are there be sure to subscribe to his RSS feed.

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Social Media Ninja Contest at Collective Thoughts

Hope everyone is having a happy new year so far!

Things are heating up over on the Collective Thoughts blog. We are hosting a Social Media Ninja contest and throwing stars are flying and a Social Media Ninja will soon be selected.

But before contest is completed, we want you to voice you opinion on who really would benefit from wining this contest. It may not be the person that is most popular. It may be the person least known of all. It is up to you to decide.

To learn more about these amazing Social Media Ninjas go to the Collective Thoughts blog and join in on the fun with a comment on who you like the most!

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Image is Something, But Message is Everything

Do you like to post one article at a time or blast out many related posts to get the excitement going?

Yesterday I made my first post to about how “Social Media Marketing is Similar to a Fishing Tournament.”

Today I would like your opinion on what type of bait you would use to gain an edge in the social media sites?


As an example, a type of bait to catch snapper is using whole fresh sardines. But to really drive them up from the deep and get them in the mood for a feeding frenzy, we chop up frozen sardines and toss them out as chum. This creates more of a shotgun approach to attract many to the surface rather than just hoping one or two may swim by and gobble up my bait. The chum has two effects, one is the smell gets them in the mood to eat, the second is the excitement created as other fish as they try to compete with each other to eat what is left.

Let’s look at this from a social media marketers point of view. You can write one post about your niche topic once a week and post to your blog. That is the one bait at a time philosophy. It works but do you really want to wait for the results to come to you?

I would rather look at creating a master post about my niche product or service that is the lead post, then group several follow up posts across many other locations that relate to my master post. This will bring both backlinks to your main post for the search engine spiders to find and also drive traffic from other resources like RSS feed readers as well.

This post is an example of my chum created to drive interest to my post at Collective Thoughts. The post there is my induction post and I would like that one to be noticed by as many people as possible. As I was writing this Brian sent me a message that my post was also picked up at Search Engine Land too!

I will be posting more follow up posts across a network of blogs over the following week. If you have a bait that you use for social media marketing, post it in the comments either at or in the section below.

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Mashable Awards at Collective Thoughts

webawards_300The Mashable awards are coming up and we at collective thoughts need you to help us nominate sites collective-thoughts. com



collectivethoughtsWhat’s Collective Thoughts? Its the new Social Media blog I have been involved with if you haven’t already check it out http: / / www. mybloglog. com/ buzz/ community/ collectivethoughts/ and join me and the rest of the team.

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