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Are You Writing for the Long Tail or are You Stuck with the Short Tail?


As I have been skimming over many old ezine articles from the past few years. One thing stood out more than anything. Back around 2000 the discussion of long copy vs short copy was the big debate. Now it’s 2008 and the debate, although similar has changed.

As a someone writing for SEO purposes I liked long copy over short for one simple reason. They had more text to get indexed. I could hit a much wider Long Tail with Long Copy over Short Copy.

Now as I look back at my work form the past two years, I notice that I have neglected to follow my original motives and began writing shorter and shorter copy. This has also hindered my focus from SEO and made social media more important than ever.

Even this post has very few keyword phrases, this will hinder the results of Long Tail keyword phrases from being found in the search engines. I still like keyword stuffing when ever possible, as long as it looks natural.

I should be writing more posts like this very cool post over on SEO Space, Top 100 Marketing Buzzwords for 2008. They are able to add many great keyword phrases to their post and make it fit very well.

Time to get out my login and passwords for WordTracker and Wordze…