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Mark is a Search Engine Optimization specialist (SEO), niche portal and web designer. Using sophisticated programming techniques targeting search engines, he drives highly targeted Internet traffic to top quality sites. Prior to founding his businesses in 1996, Mark was in the Restaurant industry. He was a Chef for the Arugula Grille in West Palm Beach, and a corporate trainer for new proprietors of Carrabba’s Italian Grill franchises, owned by Outback. For Papa John’s, he opened multiple stores as a Manager, handling training and Grand Openings, Plus Mark has been seen in the back of the house at E.R. Bradley’s Saloon, a West Palm Beach waterfront restaurant tradition.

Since then, Mark has become a successful Florida based SEO specialist targeting “the dark-side of SEO,” otherwise known as mass generated websites and domain cloaking. Mark owns hundreds of domains.  Black Hat SEO, another name for dark side SEO, is the web development technique of creating a block of websites at one time, using software generated content, for ranking and profit.  Mark mostly works with CMS Blogs, (Content Management Systems) which allows the targeting of content of RSS feeds to a specific websites permitting the maximum targeting of demographics.  Another of Mark’s techniques, “cloaking,” is a term used to define an “a ghost page,” that is ‘cloaked’ or invisible for public viewing, but is visible for the selected search engine only. The programming involves feeding the search engine spider a different ghost page from what the public user gets to see, a very complex programming process.

Mark is also an expert at Link Building. A technique for multi-domain linkages that generate traffic, using a series of cross linked domains – the Core Domain, where all traffic is focused to converge upon a HIGH quality site; the Entrance Domain, where the Name Squeeze pages for each lead generation domain are located; Hub Domain , where all paid links are pointing to within this domain; the High PR Domain , where the highest ad words rankings are sought; and the Article Directory – and a Link Directory – Link Exchange, where reciprocal link goes to Hub Domain. The objective is to win the search engine optimization (SEO) rankings game.

His love of fishing has led to the creation of several fishing websites. Originally from Minnesota, he is an avid outdoorsman; big game hunting in addition to fishing, which provide the ingredients for his gourmet cooking.  Self-taught as a coder, Mark is a graduate of Florida Culinary Institute.