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Month: February 2008

Has Tim Nash Let the Dogs Out on PDF’S and Search Engines?

Tim Nash has posted a great review on what he has found on PDF’s.


I have used PDF’s for some time to get my sites indexed across multiple search engines. Today Tim Nash has let the world know his results and they are very interesting if you are creating content sites and wish to get your content indexed.

How long before we have a new company selling reviews in their PDF directory?

So let’s not waste anymore of your time, click on over to his blog and see his results on PDF’s.

Oh and while you are there be sure to subscribe to his RSS feed.

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What Do You Want In A Social News Voting Site?

If you were to create a new social news voting site, what would be the most important benefits that you would add?


The past few weeks I have been very quiet about what I am up to. Looks like the secret is about to be unleashed. The past couple years I have followed how social media has grown into a 800 pound gorilla. I have joined nearly every social media related site and complied what I like most about each one. Now the time has come for me to let everyone know what is on the horizon.  In the following weeks I will slowly introduce you to OurSocieties.

OurSocieties is a new social network and social news voting site that centers around the view that there are many niches that interconnect each of us.

Please be patient as we release each of our features over the following weeks as we are opening up in true beta format. But do tell me what you like and also dislike about social media as it will only help us grow. My goal is to be as transparent in the creating of OurSocieties as I can for the benefit of us all.

What I asking everyone that uses social media sites, if you were to launch your own site what would you want most?

When you have a minute, take the time to visit a new web development site at Fasiyanti

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