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A Daily Look At How A-List SEO Experts Achieve High Search Engine Results Posts Gets a New Look

The paid theme I have used for the past 4 years over thousands of blogs has died a slow death. Now I am looking into new themes to convert many of the still active blogs. If you have a suggestion on what you like let me know over on my Twitter account. @MarkLaymon In the meantime I am going to use this theme for It is simple and easy to navigate.

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Comment Posting Do Follow Blogs 101

Where are some of you learning how to comment spam?

Today I spent an hour deleting comments. The only one that caught my attention was wow discount. The entire time it drove me nuts. Your skills at getting links to stick to a Do Follow Blog are terrible. Very few of you even have a clue!


Well today is the day you learn how to get your comments to stick to a Do Follow Blog.

Items you need for this assignment are:

  • A money site you drive the traffic to
  • A few profiles on social media sites
  • A collection of “Do Follow” blogs
  • The common sense “not to spam a Do Follow Blog

Quality traffic is your goal, but to get there you need to study “Do Follow Psychology.”

I know I am going to get a lot of heat from the anti-spam community because they never read what they complain about. This post really is not about spamming comment forms. It is how to become a valuable contributor to someone’s blog. This in turn will make it easy for all of your comments to stick and the bloggers will actively request your participation. I know the title is totally misleading. If you are truly looking to spam a Do Follow Blog, good luck, it just is not worth the time.


Something you need to know about a Do Follow Blog, the bloggers that manage them are fanatical about commenting. This is a good thing. They read every comment and if you are even close to spammy they will delete your comment without hesitation. There are blogs who doesn’t allow comments at all, wow porn blog for example. The closest thing I can relate to a Do Follow Blogger would be the relationship an organic gardener has to their garden. Or all fine girls pay-site with their members. Think about how much time an organic gardener puts into their garden. Would you like to be the rabbit that sneaks into their plot of green leafy goodness, or the friendly delivery guy that brings fresh steaming loads of fertilizer? The spam button can have the same effect as Mr. McGregor’s shotgun! They can kill your site by reporting you to every anti-spam forum they frequent just as easily as they can accept your comment.

I would much rather be the delivery guy that brings a fresh load of fertilizer. Those hd movies are full of it by the way. The question is how do you get your fertilizer into the garden? Do you think that the Gardener lets just any delivery guy into his garden? No! The Gardener will only allow someone that they trust to get past their white picket fence.

If I were a delivery guy with a wheelbarrow full of fresh steaming fertilizer, I would do everything I could to become friends with every local gardener in my area. Let’s relate that to every Do Follow Blogger in your niche. Who runs something like or What do you think would make a niche Do Follow Blogger want to be friends with you? Maybe start with a few submissions to the popular social media sites? As time grows and the Do Follow Blogger gets to know you, add a comment to one of their posts. But before you do that, I hope you have created an about page on your money site that you want to link to. On this page add plenty of information about yourself and link out to your social media profiles.

Do Follow Blogs are not the place to use a keyword anchor text link. Trust me, if you do add one, it will be deleted before the fertilizer cools. Only a few of us keep some of the comments that have keyword anchor text links. Use your name that you use on your profiles, and link out to your about page, and only add links in the form the fields provided. Do not add links into the body of your comments. If you have written your about page well, it will link out to many of your money pages. If you have written a truly good comment and if you are one of the first to comment on that post, the Do Follow Blogger will keep your link and you will see traffic directly from that comment for a long time to come.

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Describing the Pleasure of Squishing Dandelions Between Your Fingers as Linkbait?

Several days ago I wrote a post about how Dandelions bring back memories of my childhood long past. The inspiration was contributing to my angst of knowing I had another birthday coming up and was not looking forward to it. Birthdays are something that I have not looked forward to as the years pass and this one was one that need to be pushed out of my mind. I wanted an escape from the everyday emotions of life that always seem to unravel right before our eyes.


This brought me to the inspiration of how could I create an emotional linkbait that would still motivate active users of social media to create a return of emotional investment by way of social recognition. Elsa Jean and Tiffany Brookes recently did that.

The experiment was a success in my opinion. It helped me to get to know several readers of the Collective-Thoughts blog much better than I would have if I were to have written a white paper about the intricacies of linkbait instead of showing the over all results. It also helped me, or should I say it pulled me out of one roll many have seen me in and placed me into an entire new position in their mind. By letting my guard down and describing a moment in my life I connected with a few more readers!

I am not going to discuss the over all numbers, the unique views, or how long each reader stayed. I will say I have been very surprised at the turnout and the results I have accumulated.

To sum things up for today. If you posted a review of my last post on Collective-Thoughts, check your StumbleUpon email in the coming days as I will follow up with the reviews of your sites very soon.

Thank you again for making my day that much more interesting. Now, get to and relax.


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Has Tim Nash Let the Dogs Out on PDF’S and Search Engines?

Tim Nash has posted a great review on what he has found on PDF’s.


I have used PDF’s for some time to get my sites indexed across multiple search engines. Today Tim Nash has let the world know his results and they are very interesting if you are creating content sites and wish to get your content indexed.

How long before we have a new company selling reviews in their PDF directory?

So let’s not waste anymore of your time, click on over to his blog and see his results on PDF’s.

Oh and while you are there be sure to subscribe to his RSS feed.

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What Do You Want In A Social News Voting Site?

If you were to create a new social news voting site, what would be the most important benefits that you would add?


The past few weeks I have been very quiet about what I am up to. Looks like the secret is about to be unleashed. The past couple years I have followed how social media has grown into a 800 pound gorilla. I have joined nearly every social media related site and complied what I like most about each one. Now the time has come for me to let everyone know what is on the horizon.  In the following weeks I will slowly introduce you to OurSocieties.

OurSocieties is a new social network and social news voting site that centers around the view that there are many niches that interconnect each of us.

Please be patient as we release each of our features over the following weeks as we are opening up in true beta format. But do tell me what you like and also dislike about social media as it will only help us grow. My goal is to be as transparent in the creating of OurSocieties as I can for the benefit of us all.

What I asking everyone that uses social media sites, if you were to launch your own site what would you want most?

When you have a minute, take the time to visit a new web development site at Fasiyanti

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